Many of our customers have offered to share their experience partnering with Agility Hockey Systems. We would be happy to arrange for you to speak with current users.

“…Agility Hockey has helped solve all of those problems and has turned a major headache into a significantly smaller administrative task…the coaches and kids have been engaged, and we’ve seen a great deal of improvement in many of our skaters. Agility has been very responsive to any feedback and they are quick to make any modifications/adjustments needed.  They have also been available to answer any questions and offer guidance.  You can tell that their ultimate goal is to help us provide a successful program.” – Steve H.

“Best use of ice I have seen…so the number of touches and repetitions each kid gets is extremely high. The beauty of this is it takes all the administration time out of your hands.  Coaches can focus their time on coaching vs developing practice plans and getting coaches aligned. All of our coaches and parents have been really impressed with both this system and also the progress we have made on skill development this year.”
– B. Brandt

“Agility Hockey has maximized the development of our coaches and players through its detailed registration and communication systems and organized on-ice planning. The efficiency of the system has allowed our coaches and players to focus on the on-ice Hockey skill development component which is the number one focus and goal for all.” – Randy M.

“I have been using Agility for 3 off-seasons to run camps for my youth hockey club. The software is super easy to learn and use… The time saved at the beginning of practice from ice organization, preset groups, and coaching assignments is priceless… Kids are always moving, getting extra puck touches and skating reps. I highly recommend this software for any hockey club with players of any age to maximize development and ice usage.”
– Bryan P.