Parent Benefits

Ice Time is Valuable. Repetitions Matter.

Wasted time on the ice during the “Golden Age of Skill Development” can never be recovered.

Is your player constantly moving, or are they often standing in line or kneeling while the coach is talking?  Agility Hockey Systems maximizes the productivity of practices by streamlining station-based training design, planning, and communications for parents and players.  Coach’s planning happens off the ice before/after practice and your player shows up knowing exactly how to prepare, where to go, and what will be expected.  The result is maximized ice time!
Agility Hockey Systems Activity Tracker

Activity Tracker

Have you ever used a Skater Activity Tracker? You can track the development opportunities your player is receiving any time they are on the ice.  With Agility, your player shows up to the rink knowing exactly where to go and what will be expected.

Practice Plans & Drills

And just as important, the coaches will know what the plan is and what to look for to help your player reach their highest potential. No more figuring it out before practice at the rink or worse, while on the ice.

Your coaches can upload their own drills and create their own practice plans, or they can utilize our ever-expanding library of proven skill development drills and plans.

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