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Does your child have dreams of playing hockey in college or as a professional? The best players in the world constantly hone their hockey agility by performing quality skill repetitions over and over again.  Go to any NHL practice rink and see for yourself.  This is because the ONLY way to develop players’ skills is through quality repetitions. 

An effective hockey player development plan needs to include loads of station-based skill development opportunities for quality repetitions and real-time coaching feedback.  The Agility Hockey Systems software platform empowers Parents, Coaches, and Program Directors to maximize station-based ice hockey training more easily and effectively than ever before, delivering opportunities for quality reps at the highest level.

The result:  Players are able to achieve maximum growth and development, especially young players between the ages of 9 and 14 years old who are in what ice hockey training experts call ‘The Golden Age of Skill Development’.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition…

There are no shortcuts when it comes to skill acquisition. The only way to acquire the skills necessary to become an elite hockey player is through tons of repetitions. Quality coaching is beneficial, but you cannot replace the repetitions, no matter how an athlete is taught.

We need to create opportunities for our athletes to get as many repetitions as possible with our limited ice time, which means we need to be very efficient with the ice time we have.

The Golden Age of Skill Development

Perform your own internet search of “The Golden Age of Skill Acquisition” or “The Golden Age of Skill Development” and read the countless articles about how important skill development is through the age of 14 for athletes. You’ll find that Hockey Experts agree: we need to do everything we can to maximize skill development opportunities while athletes are in or close to their “Golden Age of Skill Development (Acquisition)”.

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